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I specialize in buying & selling gold & silver in Denver. I have close DIRECT relationships with reputable, established refiners throughout the country, allowing the strongest purchasing prices. Whether it is buying, selling or an accurate appraisal of your holdings, contact me for an appraisal or inquiry about selling your gold, silver, coins, jewelry, watches & more!

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Some consumers are actually getting more for their gold, silver, platinum, & palladium jewelry than for the amount they originally purchased the items. Whether it is buying, selling or an accurate appraisal of your Scrap Jewelry, I will give you a fair valuation for your scrap jewelry, watch or timepiece. My customers benefit from my low overhead!

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I have been grading, buying, & selling coins for over 35 years. I am a professional coin grader and appraiser. I purchase all kinds of rare or common American Coins dated from 1793 thru today, GSA Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, Bust Coins, Trade Dollars, Liberty Dollars, large & small coin collections, graded coins, slabbed coins, mint sets, proof sets, silver dimes, copper coins -- and more!


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